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Current Students

NameEmailArea of StudyExpected Graduation Year
Jonathan Beck Jonathan Beck beckjon1@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2020
Victor Chernetsky Victor Chernetsky chernets@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2022
Valerie Good Valerie Good goodvale@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2020
Alexander LaBrecque Alexander LaBrecque labrecq3@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2021
Shana Redd Shana Redd redd@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2021
Hanieh Sardashti Hanieh Sardashti sardashti@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2018
Travis Walkowiak Travis Walkowiak walkowiak@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2019
Feng Wang Feng Wang wangf@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2018
DAntoine Webb DAntoine Webb webbdant@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2021
Yufei Zhang Yufei Zhang zhangyu@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2018
Xiaoyun Zheng Xiaoyun Zheng zhengx15@broad.msu.eduMarketing Strategy2021

Eli Broad College of Business

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