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The marketing faculty at Michigan State University Broad College are among the best in the world.


Dr. Douglas E. Hughes
Department Chair, Ph.D., U Houston  Research Interests:  Sales management and salesperson motivation, customer relationships, brand engagement, and the service-sales and marketing-sales interfaces. 

Dr. Roger Calantone
Ph.D., U. of Massachusetts Research Interests: New product design processes, predictive analytics , decision support systems in business, innovation and diffusion, and market segmentation

Dr. Tomas Hult
Ph.D., U. of Memphis Research Interests: International business, global supply chain management, global strategy and marketing strategy

Dr. Brenda Sternquist
Ph.D., U. of Tennessee Research Interests:  International business, global supply chain management, global strategy and marketing strategy
Dr. Irina Kozlenkova
Ph.D., U. of Missouri Research Interests:  Marketing theory and strategy in business-to-business, retail, sales and service contexts.
Dr. Hang Nguyen
Ph.D., U. of Connecticut Research Interests:  Brand and product management, strategic relationships, and marketing-finance interface
Dr. Stephanie Mangus
Ph.D., Louisiana State U. Research Interests:  Buyer-seller relationships, sales management, relationship marketing, marketing strategy and emotions in relationships.

Dr. Ayalla Ruvio
Ph.D., U. of Haifa Research Interests: Identity and consumption, consumer decision making on new products and cross-cultural consumer behavior.

Dr. Clay Voorhees
Ph.D., Florida State U. Research Interests: Customer loyalty and relationship marketing, service experience management, service failure and recovery, and return on marketing investments
Dr. Ahmet Kirca
Ph.D., U. of South Carolina Research Interests:  Global strategy, marketing strategy.

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