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Masters Program Testimonials

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Masters Program

  1. Will this degree help me secure the great job and high paying salary I want?
  2. Is the reputation of the degree the best deal available for the price?
  3. Is the focus of the degree an area of study very interesting to me?
  4. Will the skills I learn give me a competitive advantage in the job market for a lifetime?
  5. Will I have a great experience and earn the same valuable degree studying in-person or online?

Make The Best Choice, The MSMR Program at MSU!

The Master of Science in Marketing Research program is an exceptional option to obtain the #1 ranked Marketing Research Masters degree in North America, essential for the job market of today and tomorrow. The MSMR program is focused on the real-world application of knowledge and skills to best support you in achieving all of your career goals. Our world-class design, learning format, and classroom instruction are superior to many online experiences delivering to you the same outcomes as if you attended every course in person. The tuition cost for our program is highly competitive, and we assist you by providing customized academic and career support.

Michael Brereton

Former CEO, Maritz Research
“The marketing research profession continues to evolve, and the ideal skill set today includes a combination of statistical acumen and achievement, a sharp understanding of general business and marketing strategy, and story-telling skills. We believe that Michigan State University, with its Broad College of Business, is uniquely positioned to provide the education breadth and depth researchers, both today’s and tomorrow’s, will require.”

Joanne Ulnick

Managing Partner, Ducker Worldwide
“After learning more about the curriculum of the Broad MSMR, I recognize the tremendous benefits of such a program. Hiring MSMR degreed individuals or, sponsoring a student through the program would provide Ducker critical access to talented candidates. These candidates would have the consulting and communication skills to interact with clients as well as have project management and technical competence to design, manage and interpret research studies. As the market research and consulting industry continues to grow, the opportunities available to students through the Michigan State University MSMR are significant.”

Class of 2016

“Enrolling in the MSMR program has not only been one of the best decisions I’ve taken for my career, but also the best decision for my personal development. This program challenged me in every way possible, and helped me discover and develop skills that I didn’t know I had. On a professional level, the program gave me a competitive advantage. While many people work in marketing research, only a handful can say they graduated from the #1 MSMR program in the country.”

Class of 2015

“The MSMR program gave me a very accurate idea of what working in the market industry field is like. In addition, I was introduced to top marketing research firms, and learned valuable project-based skills that ultimately contributed to my success in the workplace.”

Class of 2014

“The breadth of topics covered in the curriculum is what I found to provide the best experience. Through building new skill sets, I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses in the marketing research space. This gave me a distinct advantage over others when job searching with potential employers.”

Class of 2013

“The access to faculty and the expansion of network gained from the career fairs were my favorite parts of being in the MSMR program.”

Class of 2012

“My best experience in the MSMR program was executing a conjoint study to design a new refrigerator model for Whirlpool. This project included survey design, analysis, and presentation of the results to the stakeholders. Due to the wide project scope, and the fact that we were producing real results for a real company, I found this project to be an accurate representation of how research is executed in the business world.”

Class of 2011

“While considering MBA programs, I discovered the MSMR program and knew it was for me. It is a one-year program that will prepare me for a career in an exciting and growing field, Marketing Research. After earning an undergraduate degree in Marketing, working for a leading CPG company and a leading grocery retailer, I was ready to supplement my career with a MSMR degree from MSU. The program has an active advisory board, and after only two weeks we had the opportunity to visit with board members at a nearby firm. I am learning the job possibilities are endless with the skills and knowledge gained from the MSMR program at MSU!”

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