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Online Program

Be on track to become a member of the next generation of business and marketing leaders and enroll in the online MSMR program. Click here to apply to the Online program

The 20-month program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to achieve a master’s degree while working full time. The hybrid format consists of on-campus and online courses. The on-campus courses will take place within two one-week sessions.

The online program consists of the same courses, taught by the same professors, as the full-time program, and students will be held to the same academic standards. Like the graduates of the full-time MSMR program, the online MSMR graduate will be skilled in traditional marketing research techniques such as experimental design, sampling, data collection, and analysis, as well as leading-edge marketing technologies, methodologies, and software packages.

Online MSMR Program

Summer 2017 Semester

May 16, 2017 August 15, 2017 Online Statistics Review (1)
June 12, 2017 July 31, 2017 Online Marketing Management (3)

Fall 2017 Semester

Aug. 6, 2017 Aug. 6, 2017 East Lansing Communications (1)
Aug. 4, 2017 Aug. 12, 2017 East Lansing Marketing Research for Decision Making (3)
Aug. 5, 2017 Aug. 5, 2017 East Lansing Consulting in MR (1)
Oct. 17, 2017 Dec. 9, 2017 Online Software Tools for Market Research (1)
Aug. 31, 2017 Nov. 9, 2017 Online New Product and Service Research (3)

Spring 2018 Semester

Jan. 6, 2018 Feb. 24, 2018 Online Consumer Insights (3)
Mar. 3, 2018 April 28, 2018 Online Experimental Design, Sampling and Questionnaire Design (3)
Feb. 1, 2018 April 27, 2018 Online Elective (1)
May 6, 2018 May 12, 2018 East Lansing Advanced Marketing Research (3)

Summer 2018 Semester

May 15, 2018 Aug. 17, 2018 Online Web Research and Analytics (3)
May 15, 2018 Aug. 17, 2018 Online Elective (1)

Fall 2018 Semester

Oct. 26, 2018 Dec. 21, 2018 Online Data Mining (3)
Sept. 3, 2018 Dec. 8, 2018 Online Electives (4)

Note: Courses listed in Green are held in-person (referred to as “intensives”), the other courses listed for the program are held online. The in-person intensives are held in one-week periods (August 2017 and May 2018). All other courses are online, hotel is provided for in-person intensives at no additional cost to the student.

Cohort Statistics

Graduation Rate                                                                      100%
Job Placement Rate                                                                      100%
Cohort Size                                                                         20 students
Average Years of Work Experience                                                                    7
Typical Student Job Titles Marketing Account Executive, Creative Director, Sales Demand Analyst, Research Lead, Research Manager, Shopper Insights Analyst, International Marketing Research Specialist, Marketing Manager, District Sales Manager, Social Media Lead, Strategic Marketing Sr. Specialist, Associate, portfolio Management, Marketing Coordinator, Merchandiser & Project Manager, Market Research Analyst, Investor Relations Specialist, Technology & Business Scout, Junior Account Manager
Male %       40%
Female %       60%
U.S. States Represented
Average salaries for marketing research jobs

Program Cost

The MSMR total program cost listed below includes the price of books, statistical software needed for the program, and housing for the in-person intensive periods. Tuition is billed in block tuition format in five equal installments (1/5 of total cost is billed per semester attended):
In-state total program cost: $27,000
Out-of-state total program cost: $37,500

For more information about tuition and fees, please contact the Office of the Controller.

Financial Aid

MSU’s Office of Financial Aid provides information regarding financial aid opportunities available to graduate students.

State Authorization

If you would like to inquire about state-by-state distance learning compliance more information can be found at the MSU State Authorization Site.


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